Customize Your Casings

We have a 30,000-square-foot, high-tech conversion facility where we can customize artificial casings to your specifications. Take a look at what we can do for you.


  • Print powerful brand images in up to five colors front and back.
  • Overprint company names, addresses and phone numbers (the “slug”) on standard prints.
  • Offer standard sizes and colors that we stock (ask your DeWied representative for details), requiring lower minimum and less lead time for finished product.
  • Print specialty labels such as our Seasons Greetings and Santa Claus options.
  • Add the words, “Not for Sale,” on the label.


  • DeWied can shirr casings to custom lengths for fast casing loading and maximum production efficiency.
  • Shirrs can be pre-moistened to help reduce soak time.

End closure

  • DeWied can metal clip with or without loops.
  • DeWied can string tie casings to desired lengths.


  • DeWied can pre-stick fibrous and unoriented plastic casings with patterns of tiny holes to allow air and liquid to escape during processing.
  • Larger holes can be drilled into the ends of casings for easier whole muscle processing.


  • DeWied can deliver casings cut to your specifications.


  • All prints shown below can be made on any color casings available and with any print color you choose.
  • Reference the plate number and description when ordering by email or phone (1-800-992-5600).

Note: The sample prints shown are on a mahogany casing with gold print, except for plates #49, 50, 219 and 220, which are Seasons Greeting and Santa Claus prints. These are shown on a red casing and are multicolor prints.

  • NFS = Not For Sale.
  • Slug = Company name, city, state, phone number, and/or website URL (3–4 lines max).