Cook-in cloth casings

  • Manufactured for smoke or dried old-world style salami.
  • Excellent permeability for smoke penetration and moisture evaporation.
  • Novelty casings for all holidays.


Non-cook-in cloth casings

  • Manufactured for smoke.
  • Ideal for fine emulsion wet products such as liverwurst.
  • Raw sausage easy to spread.
  • Novelty casings for all holidays.


  • All raw sausages, air-dried or smoked
  • Old-world style sausage


  • Sizes are from caliber 40mm to 200mm.
  • Colors and images vary.

Put Ups

  • Sold in 100-piece increments.

Preparation & Storage

How to Use

  • Dry fill or soak in water for short period.
  • Tight filling.
  • Hot or cold smokable.

Storage and Handling

  • Store in cool, dry place away from steam pipes, hot storage areas or direct sunlight.
  • Best storage temperatures are 40º–75º F (4º–24º C).