• For fresh and processed sausages.
  • Ideal for dinner sausages, breakfast links, snack sticks.


  • For ring sausages and straight, smoked and dried deli products.
  • Ideal for dinner sausages, salamis and smoked sausages.


  • Fresh and processed dinner sausage
  • Breakfast link sausage
  • Snack sausage
  • Frankfurter and wieners

DeWied Products


Edible fresh sausage collagen casings

For retail applications
  • Clear, colorless collagen so consumers can see the fresh ingredients inside the sausage.
  • Tinted collagen to give fresh appearance in deli case for more retail sales.
For food service applications
  • Collagen casing with cooking versatility.
  • Strong enough to stand up to all different cooking techniques that might be used in restaurants, such as deep fat frying.

Edible processed sausage collagen casings

For dinner sausage applications
  • Clear collagen for frankfurters, wieners, pepperoni and ethnic specialities.
  • Strong enough to stand up to the process yet delivers a great tender eating experience.
For snack sausage applications
  • Clear and mahogany-colored snack stick collagen with strength for fast production and superb permeability.
  • Ideal for smoking and fast, even drying.
For ring-style sausages
  • Clear casings used for ring-style sausages.


Inedible collagen casings for processed sausages

Collagen rounds
  • Curved rounds for ring sausages are perfect as a substitute for natural beef rounds to make ring-style sausage.
  • Strong for automated fast production.
  • Available in shirred sticks and cut and clipped pieces.


Inedible collagen casings for straight deli products

Collagen middles
  • Wide diameter collagen for dried or smoked sausages are perfect as a substitute for natural beef middles to make straight sticks.
  • Available in reels, shirred sticks, and cut and clipped pieces.


Product Stuffed Diameter
Edible Collagen Casings – Processed Sausage 13–28mm Diameter Caddies, Master Cases
Edible Collagen Casings – Fresh Sausage 16–32mm Diameter Caddies, Master Cases
Inedible Collagen Casings – Straight Deli Products 34–140mm Diameter Reels, Cut Pieces, Shirred
Inedible Collagen Casings – Processed Sausage 38–52mm Diameter Reels, Bundles, Cut Pieces, Shirred

Collagen casings are specially packaged in a heated sealed poly bag to “lock in” freshness.

Casing Put Ups

  • Bundles
  • Caddies
  • Master cases
  • Reels
  • Shirrs
  • Cut pieces

Preparation & Storage

Edible Collagen

Specialized Packaging

  • Casings are packaged in caddies within master cartons.
  • No refrigeration needed — store in a dry area 40º–60º F (5º–15º C) away from direct heat.
  • No soaking required — do not open boxes until ready to use.
  • Tight size control allows you to achieve desired weights, but do not overfill.
  • Maintain filling machine and horn for optimum casing performance (any modern filling machine can be used).


  • Use linking equipment designed for maximum production.
  • Casings can be used for high-speed linking.

Inedible Collagen

  • Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight to avoid drying out casings and making them brittle.
  • Open boxes in humid surroundings 24–48 hours before use to absorb ambient humidity for best pliability.
  • Soak in 10–15% brine solution made with common salt for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours before filling casings.
  • Increased salt concentration in brine and longer soak time increases casing strength, but too much reduces casing adherence to meat during cure.
  • Brine temperature should be 72º–77º F (22º–25º C).
  • Combination of time, temperature and salt concentration can be varied to adapt casing performance to process requirements.