Clear casings

  • For all types of production.

Non-transferable colors and stripes

  • For product identification and to ensure full peeling.

Transferable colors

  • For color transfer.

Peeling treatments

  • For optimum production and peelability.
  • Available with either closed or open end.


  • Skinless wieners
  • Skinless dinner sausage
  • Mexican chorizo

DeWied Products


DeWied Cellulose

  • For producing skinless sausages with automated equipment.
  • Permits smoke penetration.
  • Has excellent mechanical properties and superior peeling characteristics.
  • Packed into impermeable caddies (typically 50 sticks each) covered with protective plastic film and placed in carton boxes (4, 6 or 8 caddies each).
  • Available in clear, non-transferable colors and stripes, and peeling treatments (regular, fast and super-fast peel).


Product Diameter
DeWied Cellulose 15–44mm

Cellulose casings are packed with a predetermined relative humidity into impermeable caddies (typically 50 sticks each), and the caddies covered with protective plastic film are placed into a carton box (4, 6 or 8 caddies each).

Casing Put Ups

  • Caddies
  • Master Cases

Preparation & Storage

How to Use

  • Store cellulose casings in a place where relative humidity is 60–70% and temperature is 60º–75º F (15.5º–23.88º C).
  • Never leave open cartons unprotected — cover caddies with protective plastic film to prevent loss of humidity.
  • Casings, when dried, become fragile and brittle, perform poorly during stuffing and generate unusual breakage.