A Cut Above

At Oversea DeWied, we like sausage, too. That’s why for more than 80 years, we’ve held ourselves to the highest standards in the industry for providing natural casings: hog, sheep and beef.


We know exactly what we’re putting on our tables — and yours. From the packing house to the end user, our natural casings are handled under our strictest quality control standards with complete traceability to original raw source material. Through strategic alliances with respected manufacturers around the world, we also provide a full range of artificial casings: cellulose, collagen, fibrous, plastic and textile & novelty.



We have our own converting facility where plastic, fibrous and some collagen casings are cut and tied, clipped and looped, printed and shirred to the highest standards using the same modern equipment as the largest artificial casings companies worldwide.

Packing House


We can be your customer, too. Partner with us to turn hog small intestine raw material into cleaned and selected casings suitable for your own sausage production facilities. You can maximize viscera yields and profits when you sell hog small intestines to Oversea DeWied. We have technical superiority in cleaning machine specification and installation:

  • Proprietary processes to lower water, salt and labor consumption.
  • Decades of experience managing efficient gut-processing departments.
  • Highest standards in gut processing to ensure finished casing quality.
  • Open, honest and trustworthy partnership with the slaughterer.
  • Easy adaptation to each slaughterer’s unique circumstances for space, labor and water/sewage availability.

Customer Service


Like a great mustard on a brat, we top off our products with exquisite customer service. In fact, none of our competitors can compare when it comes to the way we care for you, our clients.

With our Concierge Service, you’ll receive a personal call after we’ve mailed your order so you can rest assured that it is on its way.

Have a question? Call us toll free at 1-800-992-5600 or contact us.

Need hands-on assistance? We’ll hop in a car or take the next plane to meet you at your doorstep. That’s right! House calls. And at no extra charge. That’s part of our commitment to ensuring you’re satisfied.