DeWied: Then and Now

DeWied International began in 1932 as a family-owned business in Sacramento, Calif. More than 80 years later, the company has grown into a worldwide sausage casing producer and distributor with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and facilities in China and Mexico. It is the oldest independent natural casing company in the United States.


At the helm is Howard deWied, following in his father’s footsteps and his grandfather before him in putting the customer first in sausage casings products and services. Howard brings a fresh, modern approach to the business while maintaining the same high standards that have brought the company success in the past.

As we continue our tradition of innovating and improving, we’ve also returned to our California roots, opening a warehouse in Selma, located 16 miles southeast of Fresno, in 2014. Today, we have customers ranging from large sausage makers and medium-size meat markets to small mom-and-pop shops.

We supply the highest quality natural casings in the industry, including hog, sheep and beef casings. We’re also a distributor of artificial casings ranging from cellulose and collagen casings to fibrousplastic and textile & novelty casings. Plus, we operate our own converting facility and packing house.

The innovation and dedication to quality associated with the DeWied name has set the standard for the casing industry worldwide. We plan to keep it that way.